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Private Investigative Services - MN Behavioral Intelligence

Results are available within 72 hours of subject contact.

See how MN-BIA investigations can build success and enhance your reputation.

MN-BIA takes investigative analysis a step further

The successful attorney knows it is not enough to simply rely on "connecting the dots" of their case. One has to be certain that all the dots are confirmed and the result is a logical conclusion based upon all of the facts.

MN-BIA investigative final report is your most valuable commodity.

Verifying case evidence is a thorough process. New leads are run through our database. Interviews are sorted and conducted in order of strategy. Data is analyzed by the rules of logic. The scientific method is applied to test the null hypothesis. Summaries and conclusions are presented concisely and objectively. As every successful attorney will attest, having accurate information, chronologically sorted and deduced into a clear and logical conclusion is the most valuable commodity for success.

MN-BIA enhances confidence

True confidence comes from being able to answer the epistemological question: How do we know what we know?

Our investigative report outlines precisely how that answer is determined.

MN-BIA helps you prepare to succeed against the more difficult situations.

Sometimes, even with the best preparation and well-honed skills of the experienced attorney, many worries can affect courtroom performance. We can assess, design, and teach the specific coping skills needed to reduce this liability.

MN-BIA serves local and county law enforcement agencies seeking a second opinion with analysis and extended witness interviews, national surety insurance firms, County District Attorney offices, private defense attorneys, public defenders, and family law firms. Requests for investigative services can also be made through your lawyer to maintain defensive attorney-client privilege.