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Our investigative intelligence locates and confirms facts to provide our clients with the foundation for meaningful critical analysis. Our priority is to ensure the client receives the whole truth and nothing but the truth within the most time efficient and cost effective process.

MN-BIA operates under licensure by the Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.


MN-BIA's Director

Marshal Mehlos oversees the functional operations of MN Behavioral Intelligence for investigations and litigation assistance. He is a trained diagnostic psychologist, certified forensic interviewer (CFI), and a licensed private investigator by the state of Minnesota Board of Private Investigators. As a member of the board of directors of Guardian Enterprises Inc., he also assists the corporation as their Chief Operations Officier of the Training and PI Divisions.

Education and advanced training spans multiple fields:

Prior to MN-BIA, investigative experience and career assignments

Areas of current specialty:

Other accomplishments include earning the Diplomat in Psychology, American College of Forensic Examiners, serving as an Expert Witness for cases of child physical and sexual abuse and as a forensic evaluator of defendants for the Minnesota Ninth Judicial District. Behavioral evidence analysis, forensic elicitation interviewing and the detection of deception are his specialty.


MN-BIA is supported by investigative specialists. Each is a Licensed Private Detective, authorized under the State of Minnesota, Department of Public Safety.

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Privacy and Security:

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