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Child Custody Investigation

Missing Person Investigation

MN-BIA's experience in locating people who do not want to be found (fugitives) lends similar methods to locate a missing person. The methods of OSINT, forensic interviews to gain HUMINT and data from license plate reader systems aid in this process.

Most states do not have a prescribed waiting period before reporting a missing person to law enforcement. The child's last seen location or their residence defines which law enforcement agency to immediately contact. MN-BIA collaborates with local, federal and private agencies throughout the investigative process including accessing search systems such as the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Data System (NamUs)

Our missing person process:

  • Develop a behavioral profile of the possible abductor.
  • Review recordings and outcome of any polygraph for key individuals.
  • Review all reports and transcripts of prior interviews, revisit the crime scene, review all photographs, CCV and related tapes, re-interview key individuals, and review reports of collected physical evidence.
  • Review the background information on each potential witness/suspect.
  • Graph the time line of events.
  • Canvass new locations for evidence and new potential witnesses.
  • Utilize media program with rewards.